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-My biggest complaint about the whole weekend workshop was Diane's time slot was not long enough! The techniques she  teaches gave me immediate results and are different then anything I have ever done before! Thank you for your fresh, uplifting approach!

-Diane's classes had wonderful energy and she gave a clear presentation of the exercises. I liked the music and the exercises. What a wonderful way to start the day!

-I found Diane's class so uplifting and she gave such great directions! I loved her!

-Diane you are so spiritual and focused and a great teacher. I especially liked the Qi Gong walking after the meal.

-The thing I like best about Diane's exercises is you feel the results so fast!

-Diane you are so knowledgeable about the techniques you teach. I loved them.

-I especially loved the meditation.

-Diane, you really got my energy flowing!

-You connected me to Mother Earth and got my MoJo going!

-I feel 85 % better than I did in only a few weeks of working with you. Thank you for giving me the gift of my life back.

-Diane, Thank you for the 9 Minute Miracle. I don't leave home without it!

-Diane,  I love the fact you have studied such a variety of practices and taken courses from so many great healers. Thank you for sharing the knowledge you have gained from those here in this earthly realm and beyond. Thank you for showing me the way to make real change in my life.

Just a few comments about Diane's classes:


Since I started doing your exercises I have

no more pain. 

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