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Who am I?

I am Diane Jackman Skolfield and chances are I am either at my computer working on several projects aimed at healing or out somewhere enjoying life to the fullest and having fun.

The Masters I study would say, "I am a soul in a human spacesuit going through this universe at this point in time, creating my existence."


Where has my journey taken me thus far? 

I started teaching exercises in 1982 at the YWCA in Bangor, Maine. I didn’t like what aerobics did to my knees, so I “invented” exercises for a Gut Busters Class. Later I found these exercises were Pilates so I guess you could say that I have been tapping into the collective consciousness to help myself and students since the beginning. 

I am a certified advanced Hatha Yoga Instructor and began my serious study in solitude of Kriya Yoga through Self Realization Fellowship (SRF). SRF was founded in 1996 on the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda, my guru, and one of my masters. He passed onto the other dimension in 1952 and comes to me clearly in times of need. It is my calling to share his and other Masters' exercises to the masses. 

I have a certificate in advanced Hatha Yoga and can teach the more advanced poses but prefer to keep my classes at a simpler, more relaxed-meditative level, not only for myself but for my students. 

I have been teaching Energy Medicine Exercises including Yoga, Laughter Yoga, Qi Gong (a Chinese self-healing tradition), Jin Shin Jyutsu (The Japanese Art of Living) and teachings from C. Norm Shealy M.D., Ph,D and Donna Eden in workshops from Florida to Maine to help others rejuvenate their bodies, minds and spirits. I am a member of the American Council on Fitness Education and a Minister of the Universal Church.

I am a sponge for knowledge when it comes to health, healing and natural methods to improve our wellbeing. Medical Intuit Workshops with C. Norman Shealy Ph.D, Oly Shalow, Barbara Razor, and Winter Robinson taught me a most important fact; we all have the ability to tap into the Universal Life Force for answers concerning our own health. I continue to learn from these extremely intelligent, intuitive, and loving people that I am blessed to know.

Mediumship workshops with Stephen Hermann opened my eyes to this truth; we all have the power to detect Spirit World’s messages. The ones who have passed to another dimension are always trying to help us reach our goals for the highest good of all.

Attending workshops with Donna Eden (One of the Most In-Demand Authorities in Holistic Health and founder of the Eden Method) and her husband David Feinstein Ph.D. (national director of the Energy Medicine Institute) at the Omega Institute in the summer of 2009 validated my energy exercises. They were teaching the same exercises I had been sharing! Donna told me my life color was "the violet-est of violets, and that I was a "teacher of teachers".

David showed me how Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a path to help people who are stuck in emotional or physical pain. Anger, fear and grief are unavoidable parts of our lives but when we get stuck in those feelings and can't move past them, they begin to cause "dis" ease. Our thoughts are frequencies and can cause more pain than we realize. Through tapping on our meridians, we can release those feelings and move on to a life we design for ourselves filled with happiness and peace.

I also teach people about natural health care options and help them understand how to lose weight, eat right and feel better about themselves. I do this by sharing what I have learned about detoxing. Replacing bad habits with good habits not only helped me lose weight and it most likely saved my life. Sharing my experiences with anyone interested in helping themselves makes my life that much fuller. 

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