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Chiropractic Care


If someone had told me that an accident all the way back in 1987 was partially to blame for some of my digestive problems,

I probably would have said,

"Yeah, right," and continued on with my search as to why I was so sick. Now, I am an advocate of chiropractic corrective care, especially with doctors associated with You can visit their website to locate a holistic chiropractor in your area.

The following letter is a testimonial I delivered to my chiropractor. If you would like to read the whole story it can be found in Diane's Diaries (December's Miracle).

December 21, 2010

Dear Dr. Terry,

Thank you SO much for leading me toward the path of complete healing! Meeting you in the Health Food Store was the most wonderful miracle I could have imagined.

I was bitten by a brown recluse spider more than 2 years ago and have been searching for a “cure” to my distressed system ever since. Apparently, the venom from the spider caused my body to be super-toxified and my already compromised organs were screaming for help! Palpitations, dizzy spells, chest pains, high blood pressure, horrible indigestion, allergies and many other problems have plagued me since March of 2008. I have tried nearly every natural healing modality imaginable!

When I ended up in the emergency room in December of 2009 the western medical profession told me, after 5 hours and $3000 worth of tests, “Your potassium level is low and your blood pressure is not high enough for us to give you a prescription", but I knew there was something wrong. It isn't normal for me to have chest pains and for my pulse to spike to 125+bpm and stay there for hours. I knew I was sick, and I was getting sicker every day.

Fortunately, I have been in the Wellness Profession for over a decade, and am blessed with many friends practicing a variety of natural healthcare alternatives; acupuncture, meridian stress assessment, Qi Gong healing, Jin Shin Jyutsu, nutrition counseling, body talk, crystal healing, Chinese herbs and more. I believe they all helped keep this human spacesuit functioning until we could get to the heart of the matter-or should I say- until we could get to the spine of the matter.

Who would have imagined a skiing injury in 1987 could result in subluxations and such distress 20 years later. My poor bones-my poor body!!!

Dr. Terry, when you examined me in your office and prescribed X-rays I knew I'd finally found what was causing my body to malfunction. When we looked at the X-rays and you taught my husband and me how to read them I had to hide my tears of relief. “It all makes so much sense!” I wanted to scream with JOY. My central nervous system controls my entire body. I apologized to my internal organs, signed up for your easy payment plan and began treatments the very next day.

After you gave me my first adjustment the pain in my neck and lower back (which I had been chalking up to hard work and old age for several years) disappeared immediately. After the “organic healing” on my kidney and the adjustment you did on my stomach I have not had a single chest pain or any other symptom. The pains in my neck and back appear occasionally, but, I know over time, with your help and the great program you suggest for detoxing; the ALKALINE WATER, the GREENS, and the SURGE DETOX plan; I will be around to help others on

this earth for a long, long time. Healing the earth is a lot of work, but I think it is worth it!

Thank you for being!!!

Diane Jackman Skolfield
Natural Healthcare Advocate

I believe the practices I teach and the detoxifying and healthy foods I ate allowed me to survive while I was searching for the answer. Getting the answer and feeling better every day is the best Christmas present I could imagine and I am ready to REALLY LIVE again!

My friend Patty stopped by this morning and said, "Your adjustments must be working. Your color is much better!" I had noticed when I looked in the pale frightened face with deep, black circles under my eyes was no longer looking back. There was good color and after only five adjustments the energy is flowing better allowing me to REALLY heal this time.

Thank God I never gave up looking for answers. Thank God I never went on prescription medicines to permanently cover up symptoms like so many people in our country. Thank God for miracles!

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