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High Cholesterol, WHAT ???

Yes. My last blood test indicated I had high cholesterol. My new doctor (yes, I now have a doctor since I am part of the Affordable Care Act:) wanted to put me on a Statin Prescription medication for high cholesterol. If any Statin is going in my body it will be Red Yeast Rice!

I promptly said, "No, Thank you. I will change my diet." She smiled and said, "Good luck with that. We will retest your cholesterol in 6 months."

My diet is already one of the healthiest diets of anyone I know. I have difficulty digesting sugar, gluten or dairy, so, I keep those to an absolute minimum. I eat greens at nearly every meal, brown rice and quinoa, fresh fruits and vegetables and beans. How can I have high cholesterol?

Well, there is a school of thought that sugar causes high cholesterol and I go to that school:) I think the occasional glass of wine I was trying to enjoy was causing my body distress, so, I have cut that out too.

When I began to research how to bring my cholesterol levels down many articles said more fiber and more beans. So I am trying to eat more fiber and more beans. I also added a few things that my friend Jaime Hamilton at the Deland Natural Bakery suggested, Lecithin, Policosanol, and Methyl Folate. Also, because I have high cholesterol, I have added CoQ10 and Fish Oil to my daily supplements to keep things slippery in my circulatory system. Those were recommended by the Life Extension Foundation. I am so impressed with their supplements and their deep care they show their clients. They have staff who will spend a great deal of time explaining everything to you and help design a supplement program right for you. 

Okay, back to the diet. 

Food for me on a typical day consists of a cup of herbal tea or BIO COFFEE before breakfast. I added the BIO COFFEE a few months ago because I love the taste, it has some coffee, some chicory (both good for my liver:) and wheatgrass in it, which is probably good for everything:) Only problem is I notice my teeth are a little bit yellower than normal so am going to have to get my teeth cleaned every 6 months instead of once a year :)

As far as what I eat for breakfast, it depends on how much time I have. If I have time to make and eat a bowl of Oatmeal; not the quick fix kind but not the steel cut kind either; just good old Quaker, organic 5 minute oatmeal. I never could understand why someone would cook 1 minute oatmeal in a microwave. The thought makes me shudder.

If I know I am going to have oatmeal I throw a handful of nuts in a glass of water to soak them for as long as possible. Nuts contain so much fungus that when they are processed they are soaked in fungicides. If you soak your nuts (men and women both:) and pour off the water you will see the most disgustingly brown stuff in that water. Once you soak your nuts and taste the difference and see the disgusting water you pour off you will probably not eat nuts that haven't been soaked ever again!

In addition to adding the nuts to my oatmeal I also put lots of cinnamon in (good for my pancreas:) a handful of raisins and a dollop of coconut oil. I use almond milk, so, no dairy there.

Another good breakfast for my body, if I have time, is greens and eggs. I did not say green eggs and ham my Dr. Seuss lovers. I place a dollop (I like that word) of coconut oil in the pan and then I throw some greens in the pan and break an egg on top, sprinkle it with turmeric, pepper and sea salt and cover the pan with a lid. Once the greens are wilted I flip it all over and finish cooking the egg. 

If I do not have time to make a breakfast I have Schar gluten free bread I can throw in the toaster and spread with almond butter and a little honey. Or, when I am in a real hurry I grab an Rx Bar and run out the door.

Before I eat breakfast I do my 12 minutes of alternate nostril breathing. Actually, I normally do my 12 minutes of alternate nostril breathing even before I get out of bed. Then a glass of water and the 9 Minute Miracle standing and the 9 Minute Miracle on the floor and then I am ready to eat.

Lunch is normally a handful of greens with some protein on top and dinner is pretty much the same. Or perhaps I will have a few gluten free crackers with some non-dairy cheese on them. My favorite crackers are Tuscan Peasant flavored CRUNCHMASTER. My favorite non dairy cheese is Follow Your Heart Pepper Jack.  

Oh, yes, back to the cholesterol issue. I am eating more beans and more fiber and no alcohol. I look forward to seeing what my cholesterol levels are the next time I get my blood tested in February 2019. I believe I will be showing my doctor that I can truly reduce cholesterol with diet and without her suggested medication. Just because my mother and father are on Lipitor doesn't mean I will have to take it too.

Here's to your good health. We are what we eat and what we think, so, eat right and think good thoughts!

Blessing to all!!!

and be thankful for everything. 

Love, Diane


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