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Paranormal Investigation at Its Best

A series of events led to my newest hobby; the history of Spiritualism; a reading from a Medium telling me I would have an amazing journey while investigating my family tree, finding an ancestor of mine who haunted a house from 1882 to 1962, and being appointed Camp Historian at Camp Etna. 


When I found the common thread throughout all cultures for asa long as history has been recorded I became very interested in methods we have available to us today to communicate with other dimensions. I had several different mediums give me messages and communicated with my guides more than ever. They led me to say "YES" when I was invited to go along on a paranormal investigation, knowing we would be using "speakers" the spirits could actually talk through. The story and photos on this page begin in Parsonsfield, Maine at Parsonsfield Seminary; the home of the first Divinity School in the US and known as the most actively haunted house in New England, and end in Etna, Maine at Camp Etna; my summer home which was known the "Psychic Center" of the Northeast at the turn of the century.

I had been to investigations with paranormal equipment before, but, this was my first all-nighter and the first investigation for both of my friends, who've had interest in finding proof of other dimensions for many years. Amy had been empathic throughout her life and Caitlin had taken a course about a decade ago and bought a couple of voice recorders. This was her first real chance to use them.


We arrived at the Seminary in Parsonsfield a bit before 7pm and I took my first photo of the main building, not realizing I had photographed the first orb of the night, found in the far upper right corner of the first picture in teh slide show above. Little did I know how many spirit orbs I would capture in the hours to come.


Parsonsfield Seminary was established in 1832 and had 140 students, male and female, enrolled in it's first high-school level class. It was the first Free Will Baptist Seminary in the United States and during the 1840s, while Oren B. Cheney was it's president, became very active in the abolitionist movement complete with an Underground Railroad. Students and faculty aided slaves escaping to Canada. The building burned mysteriously in 1854, most likely because of their abolitionist activities, and was quickly rebuilt and reopened in 1855. Students came from all walks of life for the next 94 years. 1949 had the last graduating class at the Seminary before it was moved to Bates College, a more centralized location for Maine, and renamed Cobb Divinity School. The building was used by the Consolidated School District until 1986, Headstart after that and now the Friends of Parsonsfield Seminary maintain the Victorian buildings. In 2011 they opened their doors to paranormal investigations with amazing results.


While waiting for investigations to begin I went into restroom and while seated there I thanked Infinite Intelligence for allowing me to be part of this place, this life, this night and held the heart on my necklace in my hands. This necklace was a gift from my late husband, Red, who, after his death, led me to my interest in the continuity of life. I asked Red to watch over us and protect us throughout the evening. When I went to wash my hands at the sink there was a bouquet of roses, a sign I receive frequently when I speak or think about Red. My book, 9 Months Ago Was Yesterday
explains how clearly our loved ones can come through, when we are open to their presence.


We were part of the first team dispersed to the auditorium. We walked in, sat down and turned on the Ovilux, a speaker spirits can use to vocalize their messages, complete with a digital readout. The very first word from Ovilux was FIDDLE, which my late husband played proficiently, followed by HUG and KISS. We thanked Red for being there and making himself heard. I believe a D came through here as well but several of the girls were chatting amongst themselves making it difficult to hear what the box was saying.


As we were leaving the box became quite active with ATTIC, CORD, STORY. This could have been concerning the house I had visited the previous day built in 1718 where a distant relative of mine took her life and haunted the house for 80 years, but, it could also have been referring to the attic at ParSem, our next stop. Just as we were shutting off the box it said, INFORMANT, RADIO KILLED, VIDEO. Hmmmm, curious.


We ascended the stairs to the costume room, or the attic. The moment I stepped into the room I felt an enormous wave of heavy energy, not scary, just HEAVY. I looked around and started snapping pictures with my Nikkon Cool Pix S4300. You don't know what you are taking pictures of while you are snapping them, the fun comes later when look through them on the computer.


Then we headed up into the bellfry. As I stood there I began to feel nausea and dizziness and then a felt as though something pushed me from behind. I told girls I was going down to the costume room and the first thing I took a photo of was my initials DJ on the wall and then saw the name Rose written a bit above it in big letters. Maybe Red was pushing me to go find this rose. I kept an ear on the girls to make sure they were not getting pushed around up in the bell tower!


When Amy came back down from bell tower she walked off to a section by herself. We were supposed to stay together but she was still in view so I let her be alone. When I realized she was crying I walked over and asked her if she was ok and she said, "Yes, I just feel alot of sadness right here." I told her I was going to put my arm around her so it she knew it was me and not a spirit she felt , she said she was fine, just sad. I bathed her in my mind with white light and spoke softly to her to keep her protected; calling in all spirits, silently, for their protection as well. 


The basement next door was filled with pretend gravestones for upcoming haunting etc. Later in the evening the spirits made it quite clear they didn't like the upcoming Halloween Haunting. Ghosts don't like the "bad rap" they get as they truly are here to help us. Statiscally, less than 1% of all "ghost stories" are unpleasant ones.  One girl took a very clear photo of a "blue being" behind Crystal and Tracy in the basement just before we left. Blue indicated the cold temperature of the spirit being, Crystal and Tracy were warm and orange in color.


When we went up to the second attic, where an old cistern was kept, another group eventually joined us. We compared words and names and they were getting many of the same things we were. Pat, Mike, D, etc. Both of our Ovilux Machines were quiet for awhile and Amy suggested we sing a song to bring up the vibration the way we do at Camp Etna.


The first song that popped into my mind was a song Steve Hermann always sings, “You are my Sunshine” After singing we asked the ghosts whether they liked our song. Usually when asked a question the spirits answer came several seconds later, as though they had to think about it. This time they immediately said "NO, SAD, CHANGE and WATER." Realizing the song really does have a sad story behind it I begin singing "Row, row, row your boat," and I believed they liked it better.


We headed to the second floor to a room some of the girls said held unpleasant feelings and was always very, very cold. While we sat in the room we all agreed there were no more unpleasant feelings there and also noticed it was by far the warmest room we had been in the entire night. Apparently the "demons" in the room had found someplace else to be. There was still a lot of fear present in the girls who had been there before as the door had shut itself behind them and they had been locked in until another group came along to open the door for them.

About 2am we were walking around what they called the Victorian Room and Caitlin announced she found book called Fiddler's Green. I thought she'd said Fiddler's Dream and said, "That was the name of a minature sailboat I gave to Red for Christmas one year. When Caitlin explained it was Green not Dream the Ovilux said LARRY quite loudly. I looked up at Amy and said, "That was Red's real name." HUG and KISS followed my late husband's real name and I felt very satisfied with the evening, then the words MARCH, WORDS, THINK, BOOK were displayed. Still thinking about what he meant with these words, perhaps they were not for me.


We asked permission to go back up to auditorium known to have most activity after 2am hoping if it were just the 3 of us it would be quieter and the spirits may come out and play. After a few Bumps in the night we went up to the costume room again, and then back downstairs, sitting for long periods to listen and talk, feel and think.


I thought this was the end of our night but Barbara offered to go back over to the Victorian Room with us. We eagerly agreed one more trip and then we would head home.


We sat around the table and introduced ourselves  to the spirits and thanked them for being here and asked if they liked our being there. They answered NO immediately and when we asked if we should leave, YES was the immediate answer. Barbara explained we would be going soon and they would have their space to themselves. When she asked if there was anyone who wanted help crossing over she got a YES and we proceeded to visualize a bright white cylinder of light in the center of our table going up to heaven and pictured them ascending to the creator. 


We all became very, very cold and I felt we crossed 5 or more distinct beings while praying quietly. We were shivering in the 50 degree house despite the many layers we had worn. We were holding hands in a circle and Amy told us her fingers were completely numb. We finished up our circle, thanked them again for allowing us to be there and went outside to our cars. Many of the best orb photos were taken at this time. 


I headed back to Etna before the girls got up the next morning and received a Picture Mail from Caitlin with photos she took of four of Amy's fingers, middle and ring finger on each hand; the four fingers exposed during the "crossing over." The fingers looked like they had been frostbitten with the letters spelling out EDOM. Caitlin got the physical proof she asked for that there was something in the room besides the live human beings.


We researched EDOM, and found it to be one of the tribes of Israel written about in the 3 sections of the Bible written by prophets; Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel. It appears in the beginning all the tribes got along quite well and when the family of EDOM began to feel differently about the church and the direction it was going and voiced their opinions they became outcasts. 


I found YouTube videos on EDOM and their rebellious nature and Caitlin found the following, Esau and Edom are one and the same;


The trouble with Esau is pride. Pride is the root of all human evil, and pride is the basic       characteristic of what the Bible calls the flesh that lusts against, wars against, the Spirit.

The flesh is a principle that stands athwart God's purposes in human life and continually defies what God is trying to accomplish. Each of us has this struggle within us if we are Christians, and its basic characteristic is revealed here as pride. That is the number one identifying mark of the flesh.

I particularly like her translation here;

The message basically could have been a warning against pride..the state of worldly affairs, how the human race is heading down that path, or will times change and people become all one nation and care about each other as humans and not different countries, religions, etc. We need to put away our pride and treat each other as though we are all one, helping each other as we would help ourselves.


I also think EDOM was telling us if we don't like the way things are going we can change them because they did. We really can be the change we wish to see in the world.


Back at Camp Etna I spent my last day of Camp-work successfully filling a 30 yard dumpster and completely cleaning out five cottages singlehandedly. I know the spirits appreciate all my hard work, removing debris from their homes and helping their energy flow.


It was a wonderful summer; many revelations about myself, Camp Etna and the common thread of love and light that shines through us all. I brought my camera around the grounds on my last day and took photos in every nook and cranny of the five cottages I cleaned. There were several pictures with a few orbs in them. I didn't feel like I was getting much as I walked into each room and shot in every direction.


When I entered the final cottage and went upstairs I was disappointed to find another shovel full of trash and couldn't leave it on the floor. I bent down to sweep it onto a piece of flooring and saw the sparkle of the costume jewelry ring pictured upper right on my middle finger. I think the spirit ring given to me on my last day of working at camp matches the first spirit ring I was given at the very beginning of season after sorting out the hymnals in the temple. It is pictured in the photo above on my ring finger. The moment I found the ring I spun around and took the bottom photo filled with dancing orbs thanking me for all I have done.


A summer of rings, of orbs, and of the amazing the circles of life.

The photo above was taken seconds before the photo below. It was as if the spirits were saying, "We are all one. It simply looks like we are many."

The day I arrived back in Florida a friend showed me a picture of what she was studying in sacred geometry. The spiral resembles the pattern in the orb. 


The next morning Amy's fingers had the letters E D O M on her fingers.

The orb photos and the Ovilux messages were incredible, but this physical phenomenon was thrilling to us.

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