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More Fun with my Thyroid !!!


Back in 2014 I was “diagnosed” with an enlarged thyroid.


I put the word “diagnosed” in quotation marks because I didn’t actually go to a doctor for the diagnosis.


I simply could not swallow after a massage from a very knowledgeable massage therapist who exclaimed, “Diane, your thyroid is huge!” This was enough to make me take action immediately.


The Internet explained to me that an enlarged thyroid could mean either my thyroid was hypo (underactive) or hyper (overactive) making it necessary for me to have some tests to determine which condition I was dealing with causing my thyroid to be larger than it should be. I could not choose which supplements to use without knowing if I had a lazy gland or a frantic gland.


Of course, I had to smile thinking about the shape of the thyroid gland being a butterfly because butterflies always remind me of my late husband. Many people think of a butterfly as a sign from a deceased love one; one who has changed from their caterpillar life on earth to the butterfly being in the afterlife.

Once again, instead of going to the doctor I went to the Internet. I found a company who would send me the prescription I needed for the blood tests necessary; TSH, T3 and T4. I found my TSH to be very high (this is the hormone produced when the body wants more thyroid hormones). The T3 and T4 both tested low. I had a hypoactive thyroid gland.


I sent off the information to my favorite acupuncture physician, favorite ayurvedic practitioner and my favorite Bio-meridian stress assessor so I could get their feedback.


While I waited for their responses I researched what the thyroid needed to function properly. I slowly added the minerals zinc and selenium to my diet along with L-tyrosine and Iodine. I added a couple of other amino acids at that time but would have to go back to my story Thyroid Fun Time to share them with you now, and, I don’t think they really helped me much.


The ayurvedic practitioner suggested I take an herb called Ashwaganda and my acupuncture physician recommended Guggul-lipids. I began taking these along with a few yoga and tai chi exercises to stimulate my thyroid.


I am happy to say that within a couple of weeks I was able to swallow easily and after a year of being on the additional minerals and herbs I felt great and I thought my thyroid was healed so I weaned myself off the supplements.


Fast forward to November 2017. I was feeling so well during the summer months I began to eat more of the foods I had avoided since my biggest health challenge, a brown recluse spider bite, back in 2008. By November I was feeling absolutely awful; chest pains, dizziness, some minor palpitations and frequently feeling like I was in a stupor. At least the palpitations weren’t as bad as they were back in 2008 when I dealt with the brown recluse spider bite, but, the chest pains were scary.


I decided to get blood tests again to see what was going on with this amazing body of mine. Guess what, not only was my thyroid hypoactive again but I was dehydrated, and my cholesterol and triglycerides were high.  After speaking with a health professional at Life Extension Foundation, the company I used for the prescriptions this time, I learned that the beautiful butterfly gland in the middle of my throat could have caused all the symptoms I was experiencing as well as the high cholesterol and triglycerides. What an important little gland this thyroid is!


So, I was back where I began four years ago, only this time I was worse. Apparently, you can’t actually HEAL a compromised thyroid. You can help it function better when you give it the proper supplements, but, you can’t stop taking those supplements and maintain a healthy functioning thyroid. Phooey. And if your thyroid isn't operating properly you may be causing some other imbalances in your body. Double Phooey.

I have gone back to my trusty daily pill box because I simply suck at remembering to take pills. I fill it once every two weeks with a morning handful and an evening handful of pills; my zinc, selenium, l-tyrosine, Iodine, Ashwaganda in the morning slot and more Ashwaganda and guggul lipids in the evening slot. I am not fond of taking handfuls of supplements, but if it is going to help me stay healthy and off prescription medications, I will take them faithfully.


I am not a doctor and I do not recommend you take any of the supplements I take. I am simply sharing my Thyroid Story with you. I am happy to say that after a few weeks I am feeling quite well, once again, but I cleaned up my diet and faithfully take my supplements.


May you live a long, happy and healthy life!  

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