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Just Talking to my Guides

The more I study about guides, angels, spirits, prophets and life after life, the more I realize I have discovered one of the only things every culture throughout history agrees on; there is something "out there." Whether you call it God, Infinite Intelligence or Chief Running Deer, it is there and it wants to help us help ourselves and humanity. The photos here are from the heavens and look remarkably like the orbs on the paranormal story page. 

When I began my research to find what "recorded history" said about these beliefs I found early rock art 10-20 thousand years old.  I was amazed to see hieroglyphs and petroglyphs around the world, from the same time periods, were amazingly similar; mostly animals they hunted and negatives (stenciled) hands. Researchers believed due to the absence of paintings of the human form there may have been fear associated with drawing humans. Human beings were depicted during religious ceremony around 7000 BC; most likely shamans in trance seeing things others did not. Amazing to find pictures over 9000 years old of humans and their visions.

Today a non-denominational religion called Spiritualism helps people understand they can learn to see and hear messages from beyond and do it in a remarkably accurate manner. Spiritualists believe their work proves the continuity of life. For more information contact me!

It  seems the term "media" came into existence around 2000 BC with the Greeks. It was used then to describe prophets and seers; prophets got clear messages from the gods and seers saw signs and interpretted them. I think the name Medium captures what humans who give messages do very well, they act as the one in the middle of the giver of the message and the receiver.  If you believe we are all One, not only will you understand we all have the capacity of intuition and message giving, but, we are the giver and the receiver as well. Think about it. Meditate on it and do it; we have been doing it for thousands of years!

7000 BC: Petroglyphs of Shamanic Journeys

4500 BC: African Sky-Beings (Infinite Intelligence or Extra-Terrestrial?)

3500 BC: Egyptian Mummies

2000 BC: Greek Oracles and Seers

1600 BC: China ~ I ching

600 BC: Tibetan Buddhism – The head of state still has his own Oracle today.

200 AD: Plotinus ~ Let the body think of spirit as streaming, pouring, rushing, and shining into from all sides.

325 AD: Nicea Council- Removed reincarnation and all references that common man could heal, or even hear God.

700 AD: Japanese Kami Festivals- Parties for the Spirits

800 AD: All Saints Day – Christian religion adapted from paganism. 

1400 AD: Joan of Arc

1500 AD: Protestants & Luther

1600: Aztecs

1747: Shakers- Mother Ann Lee had visions. Church service included dancing and shaking to raise their vibration.

1774: Mesmer- animal magnetism, hypnotherapy

1787: Swedenborgian - visions and many followers

1847: Andrew Jackson Davis published 3 books he channeled from Swedenborg and visited Lincoln frequently during Civil War.

1848: Fox Sisters- the mysterious rappings in Hydesville that sparked global interest the continuity of file.

1859: Carrington Event – Super Solar Storms - Can you imagine what people were thinking with 7 days of orange, blue and green skies?

1876: Camp Etna became the Psychic Center for the Northeast drawing crowds in the thousands from around the world.

1893: Harrison D Barrett founded the NSA (National Spiritualist Association) and said, "Spiritualism is a religious science and a scientific religion, a religious philosophy and a philosophical religion. 

1902: Mary Vanderbilt – Mary began serving at Camp Etna and drew thousands of people to hear her prove the continuity of life. Records were kept by prestigious people such as Dr. Funk (Funk & Wagnall). This science was found to be fascinating.


Today and throughout modern history we have psychics and mediums giving clear messages to people in all walks of life. In addition to helping people heal through messages from their deceased loved ones there are many documented cases of help given to law enforcement agencies. 

How can you talk to your guides? 

FIRST: Set your intention to bring through the HIGHEST AND BEST.

SECOND: Meditate daily allowing thoughts to come and go. Don't struggle, just be and listen.


THIRD: Keep an open mind and recognize all that comes through is meant to come through. THINK about what you THINK about;) Let it go.


Caution: Don't seek for a message or patterns. Instead, just be in the NOW. Watch, look and listen.


MORE HELP: Raising our vibration through exercises using tones and colors, mantras and good healthy living makes messages more clear.


To read more about Modern Day Mediums check out my Paranormal Investigation at It's Best page!

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