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Many practices over thousands of years involve using food, food herbs and medicinal herbs to heal. That was all there was before prescription medicine. Meds and their side effects are scary, unnatural and, I believe, for the most part, not only unnecessary but ineffective. Treating symptoms instead of healing the body makes no sense-unless it is in an acute situation. Diabetes, cancer, digestive issues, as Edgar Cayce said in reading number 3744-2,
"There are in truth no incurable conditions."

Unfortunately, our current medical system is a "disease-care" system instead of a "health-care" system. It is based on how much money the system can make on keeping it's patients alive and sick.  Treating symptoms of a disease with prescription medications interferes with the brain which is designed to heal the human body. If you haven't watched someone in your family die a slow death by drugs fighting a disease, or multiple diseases, you are one of the lucky few. If you have watched a love one die from poisons in their body, God Bless You. It infuriates me when a doctor says, "You'll be dead in 6 months if you don't do this chemotherapy," and you know they'll be dead sooner if they do what the doctor tells them to do. These radical treatments are legal and the patient is told there is no other option. THERE IS. My friend's doctor even told him he could not do Chlorella after I produced documents and studies showing people who did take it while on chemo stayed stronger and had a better chance of staying alive.

Especially with the Internet-you can look up any disease and read different protocols, work with medical intuits and God and make your own decisions  on the best road to heal your condition. The human body will heal itself, and, I believe, like Ed said, there's nothing that can't be healed!

Most times a good detox, starting slowly and easing into healthier life choices, will eliminate symtoms in less than a couple weeks. Along with losing your symptoms you might also find you have more energy, and begin to regain the optimal health you have a right to have. Who knows your body better than you do?


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