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                                       November Snuck Up on Me

November snuck up on me, how about you?
We had a great trip back to our Maine home, visited with lots of friends and planned to arrive a day ahead of the scheduled closing on a mobile home park purchase. As we tell everyone, "We bought ourselves a job!" Some weeks there's a lot of work and others, we just collect the rent;)

Since we returned from our summer in Maine it has been a whirlwind of activity-replacing septic lines, collecting rent, kayaking, music festivals, family and fun. Somewhere around the first of November I began to experience my palpitations and anxiousness again. I hadn't had any sugar-including alcohol- since the glass of wine to celebrate the purchase of Lakeside Village on October 1st. Instead of wondering what was going on I made an appointment with my friend, healer and Meridian Stress Assessor, Lynn Deen. I highly recommend her services if you want to know the true condition of your body .

She began scanning all my meridians and ever
ything was testing healthier than it had back in May until she got to my heart and liver; they were down just slightly. It was good to know my pancreas, spleen, kidneys and stomach were all doing very well; nearly back to what a healthy normal human my age would have! When we started to run the series of scans on "undesirable frequencies" in my system she found black mold and coxsackie; both able to cause problems in the heart and liver.
The black mold is not a surprise; all the run down cottages in Etna I had frequented over the summer grabbing items to complete the rooms at the Inn had black mold openly growing on the walls. I tried not to breathe while walking through them but I can't hold my breath that long! The coxsackie is a common virus in everyone's body-it just is a little too prevalent in mine, but, nothing to worry about; both undesirables are easy enough to get rid of with the frequency drops she provided.

The question I kept asking is why do I feel so yucky again? Then we started testing for food allergies-yup-still allergic to sugar and then came the sad news-I now have developed an intolerance to lactose. My body was rejecting the cheese, half and half and milk I had started to consume for a different protein. UGH! Okay, at least I know why I felt like my health was declining rapidly.

So, I began my SUPER-detox AGAIN. A little happier and more comfortable this time because I had done this before and knew what worked for me:

1. Take lovely hot baths in Epsom Salt and Nag Champa staying in long enough for the water to begin to cool and draw the toxins out of my body.

2. Place castor oil patches on my abdomen; I cover my belly with Castor Oil and then lay a wet washcloth over it and put the heating pad on high-it really moves the stagnant blood-qi-yuckies out quickly.

3. Drink Detox teas, there are many on the market, I like Yogi teas for their sayings! I like to add the juice from a REAL lemon and a dash cayenne pepper twice a day while drinking LOTS of alkaline water

4. Consume additional fiber; I choose an Organic Triple Fiber from Renew Life. If we detox our cells and we don't have enough fiber for the toxins to cling to, the toxins go right back into our bodies through our intestine walls and become more deeply imbedded, more difficult to remove.

5. My naturopath turned me on to 30x Lycopodium homeopathic under my tongue; it helps my organs talk to each other more efficiently.

6. Drink aloe vera juice from the supermarket (Fruit of the Earth Herbal Dietary Supplement $5.99/gallon), or better yet, cut and eat a leaf of aloe every day from my yard!  Drink a few gulps or eat aloe before each meal.

7. Eat ONLY good-real foods, the kind God gave us; no processed foods, no GMOs, as much organic as possible and in small meals. Don't eat within 3 hours of going to bed and delay eating for a few hours when I get up; this allows for a semi-fast. I am not good at real fasting. Can't let my stomach growl too long...
I am happy to say I am feeling better than I have in over a year. Have even started walking 3 times a week with arm weights on to see if I can regain some of the upper body strength and definition I lost when I battled the brown recluse venom! Which, by the way, is still in my system. Man that stuff just hates to let go!

Speaking of letting go, I really enjoyed doing the 12 steps summer. I have grown alot in the ME department and contribute much of that to Melody Beattie's book, CODEPENDENT'S GUIDE TO THE 12 STEPS and the remote phone sponsor I have so enjoyed talking to nearly every Saturday morning for about an hour. When I have time I'd like to elaborate on the steps in my own words but it has truly MADE me take responsibility for my life and all it's glory! I think everyone should go through the Codependent's 12 steps, or at least read Melody's book, to help them understand the whys and hows of the mechanics of our egos. I am so glad I did! If you want my help with them, contact me. 

'Till the next time we chat, make your life as full as you can!


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