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Jin Shin Jyutsu

I started studying Jin Shin Jyutsu (The Japanese Art of Healing)  in April of 2009 as a result of some remarkable "healings" my friend Chris performed on my body. 

I would sit in her session chair and she would use her hands
as jumper cables and touch points on my body to help the energy
move, much like Acupressure. She explained Jin Shin Jyutsu was
a Japanese form of healing which I could easily learn to do on myself.

She was right !!!  

Getting Started

I got online, ordered a DVD
from the Institute
and have been using my own hands
as jumper cables ever since.
I feel twitches and tingles,
in various parts of my body,
and my digestive system gurgles
and moves stuff along.
I do a Spleen, Stomach,
Bladder series each day.

Their video explains they want to share
their practice with the world.
Healin the Earth is alot of work,
but I think it is worth it.

I have also added the JSJ form of meditation
to my healing seminars. I explain it in detail
in the column on the right.
Take 30 deep breaths every morning
and start your day peacefully.

I love studying all forms of healing
which have been passed down to us through
the ages from around the world.
I think it saves me
alot of money in doctor's bills:)

Jin Shin Jyutsu Meditation

It doesn't matter which hand you
start with; Grab your thumb

with your other hand.

Hold it firmly and breathe in and
breathe out, deeply, 3 times.
Think, I am breathing in
I am breathing out.

Move to your pointer  finger.
Breathe deeply, 3 times,

Your middle finger,

Your ring finger,

Your pinky,

Squeeze The Center of Your Palm;

Breathing deeply,
3 times, holding each digit, then your palm.

Now, repeat with your other hand.

Meridians you are clearing:

Thumb: Worry-Stomach & Pancreas
Forefinger: Fear-Kidney & Bladder
Middle Finger; Anger-Liver

Ring Finger: Sadness-Lungs
Pinky: Trying too hard-Heart & Skeletal

Center of Palm; Intuition & Energy for All

Try it, you'll like it ! Learn to love yourself

and heal yourself.

Contact me for more detailed organ patterns or go to  this Japanese Art of Living site;

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