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Ways to Wellness …

The Holistic Approach #35

by Diane Jackman Skolfield

Contributing Writer to Psychic Columns

Wellness Coach


As I write this column I am sitting in the most appropriate setting, the library holding over 16,000 readings by Edgar Cayce, the man known to many as the Father of Holistic Medicine. His library, once situated in a wooden two-story hospital on a sand dune high above the Atlantic Ocean, is now in a solid brick structure just below the newly renovated hospital, on the corner of Atlantic Avenue and 67th Street in Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA.


Edgar Cayce, once he began his trance work, dedicated his life to healing. He would go into a trance and channel healing regimens for people located all around the world. All of his sessions were recorded and are now catalogued and available for the public to read for free, in person, or as members online. The people at A.R.E. (Association of Research and Enlightenment) continue his work; helping people understand the numerous healing options available using a combination of modern science and ancient techniques. Treating the body as a WHOLE HUMAN BEING results in an exponential increase in Holistic-Healing-Stories.


Along with the 16,000+ readings of Edgar Cayce’s, this library I am in holds hundreds of thousands of books on modes of healing for the WHOLE body (I am proud to say a couple of my books are on these shelves.) We truly are a combination of Soul, Mind and Body. It is our responsibility to take care of all these aspects of our human being. By recognizing the importance of a healthy spiritual life, an active and happy mind along with a proper diet and exercise, we can bring “healthcare” back into our own hands. Holistic Medicine simply refers to the treatment of the three aspects that are US, our human body, mind and spirit. When dis-ease occurs we have a better chance at regaining health by treating all three aspects of our human being using a Holistic Approach. This is the basis of many types of ancient and modern healing around the world; from Chinese Traditions of Complementary Medicine, to the tradition of Homeopathy developed in England, to Native American healing rituals, to any tradition practiced that addresses all aspects of our being. I am happy to say it is now working its way into the practices of many forward-thinking United States physicians.


When I walked into Edgar Cayce’s library I was greeted with a smile from the librarian. As I made my way to a quiet corner, I could hear snippets of whispered conversations containing words like MRI results, Cranial Sacral Treatments, Acupuncture appointments, exercise classes, stress-related symptoms and meditation series. I chose a table where I could see the ocean and I slowly looked at the books around me.


I smiled when I realized I had chosen to sit in the section about healing our souls, which I believe, as does one of my masters, Master Sha, is the most important part of me, of any human being. I see books in front of me about the New Testament of the Bible. I see books behind me describing the path of Buddhist studies. As far as my eyes can see I can read titles of books about Discovering Bliss, Accepting Change and Dealing with stress. Whatever the tradition you choose to follow is the right one for you. As you progress in your healing process your tradition may change to fit who you are at that time, it’s all good.


I know on the other side of these shelves are volumes of books on everything from Dream Interpretations to Past Life Regression. Another row contains books on healing cancer, diabetes and conquering addictions. I am certain, if I looked long enough, I would find nearly every sickness known to man addressed inside these walls. I also realize, I don’t have to come here, in person to access this information. The Internet and my local health care professionals can help me find the best way to use a regimen of Holistic Medicine suited to me and my needs. For that is the one basis of the science of the holistic path, each person is treated individually, because even though two people may share similar symptoms, they may come away from a practitioner with far different treatments. We are all so unique.


Healthcare professionals prescribe tests and give us a diagnosis. It is up to us to understand what they are telling us. We must request a thorough explanation of what condition exists along with their suggestions of treatments to help us return to optimum health. Perhaps a change of diet is required, perhaps an increase in exercise or an addition of a supplement to our daily regimen. If all they offer is a surgery or a prescription drug to mask our symptoms, I believe it is our responsibility to research and find if there are any natural remedies available for our condition. I believe there are too many people taking too many prescription drugs too quickly and I believe those drugs may be leading to more problems and more drugs. I also believe treating the Spirit, Mind and Body as a WHOLE being is the most complete way to a cure.


Holistic Medicine has been around since the dawn of time and I believe it is the best way to heal not only ourselves, but taking care of our bodies as a WHOLE is an excellent approach to our individual Way to Wellness.


Wishing you Health and Happiness, Diane

Advocate for Spiritual Studies, Secretary and Event Coordinator at Healing Light Spiritual Center, Etna, Maine, USA, Camp Historian at Camp Etna Spiritualist Association, Etna, Maine, USA, Presenter and Promoter for Chrysalis Retreat Center; Swedenborg Sanctuary, Deland, Florida, USA

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