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Feeling Better All The Time!!!

Yes, my resurrection, rebirth idea was to write more but I guess in order to do that I must make time for it.


I have been so busy going up and down ladders, fixing this and that, working in the yard, taking Healing Classes, swimming in the springs, visiting the ocean, being a Good Samaritan and so many other things there’s been little time to sit and write.


Looking back at the past few weeks I think one of my most important activities during this rebirth period of my life is visiting a new acupuncture physician once each week. I have been discussing my chronic digestive issues and getting acupuncture treatments. I know I eat cleaner than most everyone I know; organic as often as possible and salads once each day, but I am still plagued with nausea and bloating, cramps etc. and am so, so tired. When I started walking 1.5 miles daily I felt a little better but it is long past time to find out what is up with my insides.


I dealt with a Tortuous Colon (twisted and very painful) a couple of years ago so I added more fiber to my diet. Walking and extra fiber helped a lot with the Twisted Colon and fortunately that issue is a thing of the past.


I have tried to go Gluten Free and Dairy Free and that made me feel somewhat better but still uncomfortable most days. The FODMAP diet was recommended and I eliminated watermelon and a few other things that were causing bloating and that helped somewhat but things were still uncomfortable; a feeling of fullness all the time meant something was amiss, at least that was my educated diagnosis:)


So, at each appointment with Dr. Hosanna, don’t you just love her name, we talk about the small cysts in my liver which, according to assorted doctors, are thankfully, not worth doing any kind of surgery. Dr. Hosanna explained to me those cysts are simply debris left behind that my liver could not excrete. This made perfect sense to me.


A couple of weeks ago she asked if I take probiotics and prebiotics regularly and my answer was yes; miso paste added to whatever tastes good with it, kombucha and other fermented beverages along with a Vital Flora pro/prebiotic gelcap each night before bed.


Then we talked about a typical day of food and when she found I had been eating a piece of gluten free toast nearly every day she recommended I cut back on that. Now I am the one who says, “Flour is flour whether it is gluten free or not,” but apparently, I forgot.


I only had one piece of toast the first week and I already felt the difference. Last week Dr. Hosanna explained my body wants moist food. The dry bread, crackers and processed snacks I like to enjoy are very drying foods. I need more soups, stews, stir-frys with the lid on, and any kinds of food with moisture. Once again, this made sense to me.


Another thing she suggested was a candida cleanse and a parasite cleanse. These unwanted creatures, which are very common, may also mess with my digestion. So, I started on a Zuma Parasite and Candida Cleanse. During this cleanse I make sure I get plenty of fiber daily.


Dr. Hosanna also wanted to make sure I knew that stomach problems do not necessarily originate in the stomach. If your liver is depleted (as is my liver with small cysts) this can affect the spleen and the stomach. Taking a digestive enzyme with HCL with every meal may help. I take these digestive aids when I know I am eating something which might cause distress but now I take it with every meal.


Dr. Hosanna reminded me, in addition to the physical aspects of healing my liver, there are emotional causes of liver issues like holding onto resentment and/or anger. I have been actively meditating on things which have upset me in the past few years. I know anger corrodes the vessel it in in. Release, release, release.


“And what do you do for fun?” she asked after she had placed  needles in my meridians to help draw in good energy, release any negative energy and get my mojo working.


I began to list all the things I had done lately; paddling canoes at Rainbow Springs, gardening, playing my ukulele and making plans for our trip to Ireland. I will teach Energy Medicine at the opening of a new Body, Mind, Spirit Retreat Center with friends in Scotland I haven’t seen since before Covid so I am looking forward to the journey.


As I voiced all these activities, I recognized I associated some anxiety with each of them; both in the planning stages and the anticipation of everything going according to plans.


I also recognize I am more anxious than I have been in the past decade or so and have been working on meditating more to “unpack stuff” and peel back some of the layers of this onion that is me.


After only three weeks of discussions, deliberate meditations, subtle dietary changes and acupuncture treatments my tongue doesn’t hurt as I write this, first time in over a month. The center and tip of my tongue had been causing me so much pain I could hardly talk, which of course, did not stop me from talking but caused incredible pain.


I was actually glad my annual appointment with my allopathic doctor was approaching because I was beginning to feel I might need some help from Western Medicine on this. I can usually “fix” myself but Western Medicine is there if I need it, especially with tests for diagnoses. While she was drawing my blood the Phlebotomist told me 95% of all disease and illness is diagnosed through blood tests. Once again, that makes perfect sense.


I am happy to report the blood tests came back fine and I will not need Western Medicine to help. I feel I am in the process of fixing this. I feel like I am on the right track, once again.


I know, like many others, my train was derailed due to Covid. I experienced some pretty serious depression and I had a hard time admitting this to myself. I didn’t realize binge watching detective shows was my way of handling depression. Some people say they sleep when depressed and I simply cannot sleep when I know there are things that need to be done. So, instead of doing so many things that needed to be done I watched “who-dun-it shows” and made TV my escape from reality.


My reality now is filled with plans for our trip to Scotland, Ireland and England along with planning activities for the Healing Light Spiritualist Church in Camp Etna, Maine. I am doing my very best to TRUST that if everything does not go according to my plans they will go exactly as they are supposed to go. 


Oh, and the anger, resentment and grudges I’ve been holding onto are working themselves out, one day at a time, one meditation at a time. Meditation and self-reflection really do help. I truly believe everything happens for a reason.


I hope sharing my issues and what I have found to be solutions for me can help you. May you live in peace and harmony with yourself and others. Blessed Be!


P.S. And now for the disclaimer; what I wrote is simply my opinions and experiences. I do not recommend that anyone do what I have done, especially without talking to their doctor and doing their own research first. Everybody’s body is different and we are all unique in our own special way. Thank God!

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