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Mother Earth Coming Through

Mediums “talk to dead people,” they say with a smile. Normally they bring messages from your loved ones on the other side by first; asking permission to enter your energy, listening to your voice so they tune into your frequency a little better and then channeling what they hear, see, feel or smell. Sometimes guides or angels come through too, but, last night's message for me was a first, not only for me but for the medium conducting the service, Sue St. Jean.​​

Sue went through the congregation choosing a few people to “read” for and was able to give names of loved ones on the other side quite well.I was very impressed, as were the people intently listening, especially those for whom she validated spiritualism's doctrine by saying things like, “I am in your energy and I have a woman, Alice. She's your mother right?” When the woman answered, "Yes," she continued with her mother's message and told her she was leaving her with blessings of spirit and then moved on to the next one and the next one, naming names and espousing what the ones on the other side had come to tell the people who were gathered in the Temple at Camp Etna. She was uncannily accurate and gave more messages to more people than any other medium I have ever witnessed, and I have seen many. These folks all smiled back with appreciation and I watched understanding how much these messages mean as, I too, have received many explicit messages from the other side.​

Sue asked Barbara Williams, the chair person of the service, how much time she had and was told, “One more.” Sue closed her eyes and opened them looking at me and said, “I have a message. I am not sure if it is for you or for both of you,” pointing at my husband, Don, and me. After we gave her permission with our voices she entered our vibration, closing her eyes and then opened them and said, “This has never happened to me before. I have Mother Earth coming through for you,” she said as she looked at me and pointed at me with her hands together in prayer pose. ​I felt the tears immediately flood my eyes and she continued, “She is saying thank you for all you do and for the way you treat her. She is saying if everyone treated her the way you do she would heal much faster. She is bowing before you and touching your feet and saying thank you, thank you, thank you for doing all you do."

"I don't know much about you but I know you teach yoga,” she continued, “And you are very, very connected to Mother Earth. You are the type of person who drops to their knees when someone cuts down a tree unnecessarily.” She was right. I actually dropped to my knees when I arrived on the campground this spring when I realized the Weed-Whacker had cut off all the flowers I had planted last fall. I forgave them and prayed for them and planted more.

“Yes, I am,” I said with a smile. Then she went on to say, “I also see fairies following you everywhere you go because they love your energy. Do you see them?” she asked me. “Yes,” I answered, “Not their forms but as sparkling lights.” She skipped across the stage imitating them, “Oh boy, here we go over here to plant some plants.” I worked on the grounds most of the week Sue was here at Camp Etna but don't remember skipping, which is rare for me, as I am usually skipping or running. Not only do I think it is fun, but, it's great exercise.

"I am getting something about you are inventing something, something with color. This is big. This is really big. Something you must do!” she said emphatically. After the service she came over and asked what it was I was inventing. When I shared it had to do with music too she said, “That's why they kept playing The Sound of Music.” I laughed and told her it had to do with a lot of things, but, mainly the exercises I teach, the chakras, the colors and sound vibrations.

Receiving a message like hers validates the things I am trying to do for Camp Etna, for myself and for human kind. It's good to feel like what you are doing is right, despite the road blocks, but it's even better to hear it from Mother Earth!

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