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Emotion Free Technique


I learned this technique from David Feinstein PhD, a learned psychologist  who served 30 years on the board of Johns Hopkins University.
I spent 8 hours each day for an entire week at Omega Institute in a small class choosing phrases and tapping points with David.

I have been sharing the technique for 5 years now and have found, by doing some simple Jin Shin Jyutsu Meridian

balancing techniques before I tap the results are magnified marvelously! 

People around the world are releasing their physical and emotional pains using the EFT tapping technique. Everyone should tap! 

Gary Craig made the technique popular in the 1970s ( and it is now used in Veteran's Hospitals across the nation to help PTSD victims eliminate their physical and emotional pain.


My most poignant memory of working with tappers was a Vietnam Vet who'd had pain in his head from a bullet wound for more than 25 years. In one 20 minute session his pain was completely gone and has never returned.

Healing depression & pain, drug-free.

If you have an unnecessary emotion such as fear of heights, anger at an ex, or some other feeling you can't seem to shake, or a physical pain which you want to address, simply choose your phrase tap on the points in these photos (starting with the crown chakra tapping point) and watch what happens. 


My 2 favorite phrases while teaching are;

"Even though I still make unhealthy choices,
I deeply love and accept myself," and

"Even though I still let people steal my joy,

I deeply love and accept myself."


Tapping Points Slide Show

I start tapping with the crown chakra at the very top of my head.

After tapping the acu-points shown in the slide show at the left, I do the following series of eye exercises to neurologically "change the patterns of my brain waves":

I start by closing my eyes and with my eyes closed I look up and down and up and down, then left and right and left and right and then make a big circle with my eyes in one direction and then a big circle in the other direction.

Now, to complete the "series," I take a deep breath and sing OM out-loud,
then I count to 9 out-loud and then another deep breath and another OM.

When I open my eyes, I look down at the floor and chase whatever I want to release out a window or door.  These simple steps can help change my attitude. If I experience "blocks" I need to work with more phrases. Contact me for help;)

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