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Kriya Hatha Yoga,

Qi Gong & Raise Your Vibration Classes 




Energy Medicine, Nutrition and Healthy-Easy Cooking Classes

Emotion Free Technique

EFT Tapping

I prefer small classes. There are a few suggestions above.

Email me at for wellness coaching/medical intuit help.

Nearly everyone has a story

they want to tell.

If you would like help making your story into a book 

simply email me and we can 

correspond about editing and 

publishing your book.

I have helped many authors 

create their very own book.


(Love, Laughter and Forgiveness)

is the name of my publishing company. I believe we need to express

more LOVE, 

cause more LAUGHTER

and be the creators of


Front Cover My Peace of Camp Etna.jpg

I wrote my 2nd book because of my love of Spiritualism.

You can order a signed, spiral bound copy by clicking here.

Don't grieve too long for those you have lost, they are still here. My 1st book is about my life

after the loss of my husband.

My Peace back cover without price in ISB

Be the best you can be !

Be yourself. Love yourself.

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