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Quickie Healing Exercises

For indigestion: Acupressure Points
If you experience indigestion, perhaps
your pancreas could use a little help in
producing the proper enzymes.
Grab your left side (pancreas)
with your right hand and grab your
right elbow with your left hand.
Your "triple warmer point" is actually
just above and behind your elbow.
It will probably make your belly growl.

Figure 8s
Donna Eden teaches us that our energy, like the infinity sign, likes to travel in the shape of an 8. If you are sitting at your desk you can draw an 8 with one or both or your hands.
If you are standing you can draw giant figure 8s- move your energy and expand your aura !

Quickie Healer - Bouncing (pictured at top of page, right hand corner-hands can be "jiggling belly fat" or loose at sides.)


The Chinese call this "jogging."
Dr. John Gray calls it Bounce & Shake.
I call it a great way to boost your metabolism, wake your self up and burn more calories !!!  
Simply stand with feet shoulder width apart, and begin to bounce in a comfortable rhythm.
Bend your knees and follow your body's energy and build up to several minutes each day.

Quickie Healer - Aligning Meridians
or Spiritual Side Stretches
Donna Eden calls it Connecting Heaven and Earth.

1 - Prayer position - Inhale and exhale
2 - Inhale - First one palm up and one palm down, look at the palm that is up, then, 
3 - Exhale and look down to hand facing earth, then, hands together in front of heart
4 - Prayer position - Inhale and exhale
5 - Inhale and switch hands;
look at the hand that is up first,
then, exhale and look down.
6 - Back to prayer position 

Repeat as needed;) 

Healing Exercises and Tips


I have attended workshops with some
of the greatest healers and teachers of our time;

C. Norman Shealy, MD., PhD.
Donna Eden
David Feinstein
Grandmaster Fu
Winter Robinson
Oly Shalow
Barbara Rasor


I rely on and refer regularly to books from Masters I have not yet met ;

Autobiography of a Yogi-Paramahansa Yogananda

Prescription for Nutritional Healing-

Phyllis A. Balch, CNC

The Web That Has No Weaver-Ted J. Kaptchuk

Soul, Mind, Body Medicine-Dr. Zhi Gang Sha

Your Hands Can Heal You-Eric B. Robbins M.D.

Acupressure's Potent Points-Michael Reed Gach


Healin' The Earth is worth it!

If you choose to donate to the
expense of the knowledge I gain
from the classes I attend,
and share freely in these pages
and in my free workshops,
I thank you in advance for using
the Pay Pal found here. Contact me to find more information about Native American Healing Teas. 

Connecting our chakras

using this Jin Shin Jyutsu

exercise brings energy from the Divine down through our entire body.

Place one hand on the top of your head, The Crown, and the other hand on your 3rd eye and take a deep breath. Leave one  hand on your crown and move the other hand to your throat chakra and take a deep breath. Then to your  heart and  take a deep breath, then  above the navel and take a deep breath, then below the navel and take a deep breath and finally to the root and take a deep breath. Now sit with finger-tips touching in your lap and take a deep breath.

You have just taken 7 deep breaths and connected your chakras to the Divine.

I share the information I have learned because I want to be a healing ripple in this Sea of Humanity !
For "quickie" exercises from many traditions, read below and go to the bottom of this page for videos on EFT, Color and Sound Healing and more!


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