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July 20th, 2010 

As I write this entry I am trying to remember when the last time I did this, May? April? I am not sure without getting on line to check my web site. I don't remember when it was but I do remember it was about my digestive issues, which, after talking to so many people with similar problems I must talk a bit about them again.


Yesterday would have been my late husband's 54th birthday. Red passed unexpectedly in November of 2007, nearly 3 years ago now, but it still seems hard to believe he is gone from this earth plane. He still sends me messages to let me know he is still around even if I can't see or hear him-and it's good to know he approves of my upcoming marriage to Don. Red was my soul mate and you there will be a book published soemtime in the future. Red and I connected immediately, loved passionately and had a 9 year roller coaster ride filled with memories I'll always cherish.


Don is my life partner, and there is a difference. I learned about the different partners and relationships we have in our lives through an astrology/numerology workshop I attended a few years back. Throughout our lives people come and go and we have different relationships with them; the grocery bagger who says something that makes you smile and think of your late grandmother or an errand you didn't have on your list; the mother in law  who says kind things about you and helps you feel better about yourself; the father who is critical of something you have done; etc. These people to whom we relate to help make us who we are today and who we will be tomorrow.


When I drove into Camp Etna last summer looking for volunteer carpentry work I was not looking for my life partner. When I stood in front of Don's purple house and spoke with him for the first time I had difficulty looking him in the eye. It's hard to explain but I would say a few words and then look and talk to his brother. It was almost as though I was afraid I would get caught in Don's energy field and never be able to get away. He said he would love some help rebuilding a porch on the building I had just taken a photo of near the road. Little did I know that would be the day I would fall in love with husband number 4. What can I say, I believe in love and marriage!


We have been laughing and loving ever since that day and decided to make our bond known to the world. We will be married on August 28th, 2010 (and if you add the numbers 8+2+8+2+1=21=3 it is a great day numerologically speaking:) It will be a very informal, fun affair with family and friends, everyone we know is invited to come and share and celebrate our love.


Now the health stuff. I have come to the conclusion I feel terrific when I don't eat ANY white stuff, rice, potatoes, bread, etc...  I am my healthiest when I get my protein from meat, eggs and dairy products and eat them with non-starchy vegetables-no potatoes, no peas, no beans, and no beets. For some reason my system tolerates carrots, perhaps because that was the sweetest thing I was allowed to eat last summer when I did a Candida cleanse. No fruit, no carbs, no nothing for 3 months and I was Candida free.


Yesterday I began to read about Candida again and decided to try a different cleanse this year. It involves a product called Threelac, digestive enzymes, coral calcium and a few other items. I will let you know how it turns out because I ordered it, despite it's high price tag, they have a money back guarantee. When I read the symptoms Candida can cause they sounded very much like some challenges I had been dealing with; dizziness, racing pulse, high blood pressure, weakened immune system. I have experienced 2 ear infections in the past month so I know my immune system is compromised. Perhaps I don't have an allergy to carbohydrates, perhaps I simply need a cleanse. I'll let you know more as I do.


I have gotten several emails from my readers with their tips on ways to wellness, strawberries curing cancer, blueberries , carrots for and the importance of drinking clean water and the fact that spring water is not necessarily clean water, apparently there are no regulations on what is in it! Purified water you make through a Britta filter sounds like the most economical way to get clean water and I drop Alkaline drops in it occasionally because I know cancer and disease cannot live in an alkaline environment.


Thank you for all your input-they made me drool of thinking about all the delicious food we have on our earth and the benefits of eating them.  A good balanced diet, with an occasional treat so we don't deprive ourselves, is truly the best way to wellness. Until next time, thanks for being!


Peace and Smiles,


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