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Good For You

Whole Foods

Almond Milk - is my milk of choice, unsweetened SILK, now made with GMO free and organic products. Twice the calcium of "regular milk" without the lactose, hormones, and steroids.

Beans - black, white, green, yellow, red--all are a great source of protein & fiber.

Blackstrap molasses - just like Grandma used, 1 Tbsp a day will give you over 700mg potassium. Cramping in your muscles may mean you need potassium. If our body doesn't have enough potassium, our electric circuits might short circuit.

Cheese - we are all somewhat lactose intolerant, but if you are careful and detox regularly (proper amounts of greens and fibers) cheese isn't that bad for you, especially if you buy raw-organic and most especially if you buy goat cheese-it's the hormones and steroids and other "crap" they feed our cows that is making us sick and making our children develop earlier...and don't get me started on the over-use of antibiotics...the diseases are becoming immune to them. Cabot cheese has a label on it which says "Naturally Lactose Free." 

Chia Seeds - have been cultivated for thousands of years and are truly one of the oldest super-foods available. Invading Europeans banned this (and other traditional Aztec foods) and fortunately a few small tribes kept these delightful seeds alive. 

Much higher in antioxidants than flax seeds and can be stored for long periods of time without going rancid. High in protein, high in fiber and easy to digest, Chia seeds can be consumed raw, in water, in smoothies or in just about anything cooked as well. Consuming them raw (as with ALL foods) gives you the most nutrition!

More Good Foods and Snacks

​Coconut Oil -  From Alzheimers to cancer, coconut oil research is uncovering its amazing curative and preventative powers! Desserts, curries, smoothies, or just by the teaspoon-I eat some a few times each week!

Eggs - aren't bad for us, it's the way our chickens are treated and what they are fed that makes them unhealthy, buy hormone-free, steroid-free and antibiotic-free eggs laid by cage free chickens or better yet-someone in the neighbor with really happy chickens running around their yard! Great for kidney rejuvenation!

Greens - turnip, collard, spinach, kale, swiss chard etc. - If it's dark green it's got lots of good stuff in it- I don't know how I would live without my green smoothies a few times each week. I also like to sauté veggies lightly in coconut oil, probably should lightly steam them and then drizzle oil on them afterwards but you get more out of them if you eat them blended raw in a smoothie!

Honey - is a natural antibiotic, and if you have pollen allergies, a local honey may help you.

Kefir - is a product similar to yogurt-with probiotics only it is more fermented and can be made from coconut milk!

Meat - it is a fact fish is easier for our bodies to digest than chicken, chicken is easier for our bodies to digest than red meat and red meat is easier to digest than pork.  The campaign "pork, the other white meat" came out when the facts came out  pork is so difficult for us to digest. There are a lot of very healthy vegetarians, personally, I still eat meat but have a few days each week when I stick to the veggie group! has info on mercury contamination in fish-everything in moderation!


Simple Foods Prevail

Oatmeal  - was pure and natural and good for us when we were young, and guess what? Organic Oatmeal still is.

Olive Oil - when you buy olive oil get extra virgin, all-natural, first pressing, cold-pressed...heating it to over 115 degrees causes it to transform into an unhealthy trans-fat but after cooking with coconut oil or water I drizzle Olive Oil on everything, high in good omegas & antioxidants...I put it on my veggie pizza-hey, it makes it healthier:)

Red Wine - actually has more antioxidants than grape juice-just don't drink more than a couple of glasses at a time-and not every day.

Salmon and sardines - have valuable omegas in them and are high in protein and low in mercury-compared to other fish.

Soy milk - read the label on Silk Soy milk, this one you can believe, of course, there is quite a bit of sugar unless you buy the UNSWEETENED so read the labels. Rice and almond milk are tasty and good for you too. Almond milk is betst for me;) Too much soy (which is unfortunately all GMO) can cause a rise in estrogen. Moderation!


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Sweet Stuff

That's Kinda OK for You

  • Raw Unfiltered Honey - Ayurvedic traditions use honey to heal.

  • Soy Ice Cream Sandwiches - Organic L'il Buddies-

  • Stevia  - a great alternative to sugar, don't just sweeten your drinks, supplement them- found in some health food stores, I also sell a very high quality liquid variety from Sunrider. Anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial-we should consume it every day as a supplement but the FDA won't allow us to say that!

  • Yams - bake them, fry them in coconut oil, delicious and good for you.

  • Tofu is a great source of protein as long as you aren't concerned about too much estrogen. Tofu is yummy when sliced thinly, marinated with soy sauce and fried in coconut oil for sandwiches  or To-fries.

  • Yogurt - contains PRO-BIOTICS, live bacteria we need in our digestive system to make it work better. Many "digestive system problems" stem from the lack of it. Yogurt comes in low fat, but don't be fooled into buying sugar free-it will probably have some horrible artificial sweetener in it. I buy PLAIN Greek Cabot yogurt and add honey or stevia and fruit or natural preserves for flavor.  Add some yogurt to your shake. 

This list is just to start you eating good food, try 'em, learn to like 'em. Pass it on.


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