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C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D. Workshop

Energy Medicine; Practical Applications with Scientific Proof

March 25, 2014


As I grabbed my Tigger tea mug from the cupboard this morning, I realized Norm had not spoken about bouncing during Saturday's “Energy Medicine; Practical Applications with Scientific Proof” workshop. Well, he certainly spoke about many other things. Let me touch on them briefly before I forget the whole day! 


Annie and I left my house in De Leon Springs for The Villages near Ocala to spend the day with my teacher and friend, Dr. C. Norman Shealy. We arrived about 3 minutes before he was due to start and found 2 seats waiting for us in the 3rd row. I knew it was going to be a great day. When the hostess introduced Norm she said she had researched on the Internet some of Norm's accomplishments to share with us. She gave us all a great laugh when she released a dozen pages of printed material out of her hand, allowing it to cascade to the floor.


She explained Norm was the co-founder of the American Holistic Medical Society and an accomplished neurosurgeon for over 50 years. He entered Duke University at age 16 and leads the industry in pain management success stories. Holding numerous patents, publishing more than 300 papers and dozens of books, he has treated over 30,000 patients with an 85% success rate in eliminating pain and depression. Then she said, “I am sure you would rather hear from him than listen to me talk about him.” Norm graciously took the microphone and began to speak with more than 500 people riveted on his every word. I was feeling so blessed to have studied with him at Holos University, staying in the rental room connected to his gym overlooking his and Chardy's garden.


The first time I met Norm was in 2008 at a Medical Intuition workshop at ARE; the Association of Research and Enlightenment, aka The Edgar Cayce Project. I decided I needed to learn more from him and made reservations for his workshop at Holos later that year. I arrived late in the evening and entered the gym at 7am the following day to do my morning devotions and there he was working out. I apologized for interrupting him, he looked up from his crunches, smiled and said, “You aren't bothering me. Please join me.” We did our morning routines together and I spent the next week with Norm teaching our class of 11 people, many of whom were doctors. It was exciting to know physicians were actually considering using medical intuition in their practices.


As the week went on and I explained to Norm I went to workshops and shared what I learned with folks who couldn't go to workshops like this he called me, “A jewel spreading joy and health as she goes.” I asked him if I could quote him and he said, “ABSOLUTELY!” I am honored to have this honored man's quote on the back cover of my book.


Norm began his discussion by telling us he had now treated 30,271 patients and was pleased to say he was able to help more than 85% of them eliminate their pain and/or depression without drugs or surgery. He said, if he had to choose only one form of therapy to help others it would be Past Life Therapy. Later in the day he led us in a past life meditation experience by having us first imagine our bodies with a 1” electromagnetic field surrounding each part of our body, then went on to expand it to 12”, always speaking very slowly in a monotone to lull us into a state where we could experience a past life that had something to do with this life. I had done this many times before with a different experience each time; a life on Atlantis, another during Roman Times, a Native American, etc. Norm used my favorite method of past life, having us look down at our feet and then entering our home at the end of our day to see who is preparing dinner, sharing our evening and our bed, feeling our feelings and listening for our name. In this one I was a farmer, a lonely old man with a long white beard named Favre (I later googled Favre and found it to be the name of watch company. -hmmm time being relative to past life?) and at first I was baffled as to how it had anything to do with my present life, but, by the time we were done, I knew exactly what it all meant. I agree with Norm, Past Life Therapy is a great tool for optimum health.


Norm talked a blue streak all day about a variety of things with nutrition as one of the most important elements of good health. He lives on a farm and I believe he said he gets 85% of what he eats from his own grounds. That is pretty impressive in this day and age and nearly impossible for many to fathom. I have just begun studying what weeds are edible because weeds have adapted well to getting nutrients from the earth. Weeds can also be poisonous, so, be sure and know what you are eating and make sure the plants and grounds have not been sprayed for years. For more info on edible weeds in Florida you can check out and for other areas of the country, go to the Internet.


As Norm said, he could go on for days about nutrition, but to hit on the most important things we can do; 1-get at least 5 servings per day of veggies and/or fruit, 2-avoid all artificial sweeteners “Splenda is NOT splendid!”, 3-eat animal flesh from free range animals which haven't been fed antibiotics and steroids 4-if you are vegetarian, which he does NOT recommend, you should supplement with B12 and Taurine. He recommended the Paleo Diet as one of the “best diets” available; low carbs, good protein and lots of veggies!!!


Norm led us through Schultz's Autogenic Training Meditation with his deliciously calm and meditative voice and explained it is the best tool he has found for relaxation: -My arms and legs are heavy and warm -My heartbeat is calm and regular -My breathing is free and easy -My abdomen is warm. -My forehead is cool. -My mind is still and quiet. -I am at peace. -and you can add a specific problem if you have one, ie. My kidneys are healthy. He also gave us a list of things we can do for ourselves to balance our energetic body; -Tell yourself you love yourself. -Recognize Love in all aspects of the world and bring it in. -Collect and release all worries and issues. -Tense and relax your entire body. -Feel the pulse going through your veins. -Move your energy w/your hands up the front of your body and down the back. -Expand your aura either physically or visually. -Imagine a serene scene with you in it.


Dr. Shealy went through his Five Sacred Rings which he has proven to be beneficial through scientific studies. You can either order the 5 DVD set on his web site or you can look at the pages he has for there for the Rings. The acupressure points can be stimulated with his Universal Essential Oils, massaged, tapped or touched with low level electricity from his LISS machine; -The Ring of Air: increases Neurotensin & Oxytocin and is used for Depression, Hypertension and Pain -The Ring of Crystal: reduces free radicals and aids in regeneration -The Ring of Earth: increases Calcitonin by 40-60% after one week of regular practice with essential oils on acupoints so it increases bone strength and helps with pain -The Ring of Fire: increases DHEA (which can also be increased w/magnesium +MSM+Vitamin C) -The Ring of Water: increases aldosterone, balances water flow in the body which helps balance the emotions and puts us in touch with our Christological Heart. If you are local to DeLand, FL I have his rings on a poster on the walls at the Lakeside Village Community Center, Lakeside Village Mobile Home and RV Park.


Norm discussed the importance of Nitic Oxide in our diets and recommended Nitroextreme from a company named Kyani, which he has no financial ties to. He has helped many people get off of high blood pressure medication by adding this slowly to their diet and then slowly weaning them off the prescription drugs with their harmful side affects. He also spoke briefly about the importance of exercise. He did not mention my favorite exercise of his, which I did on stage with him at ARE. Norm calls it BOUNCE, Dr. John Gray calls it Bounce and Shake in his workshops and the Chinese simply call it JOGGING. I call it JUST BOUNCE; stand in place with your feet flat on the floor and JUST BOUNCE every day for a few minutes. Be careful the first time as you'll be amazed at how it shakes you up!


I didn't take many notes during his talk and apologize for leaving much of what he said out of this brief synopsis, but, you have some of the most important things he said and now you have his web site! Go there, get on his email list, read his books and order supplements from him. And, to close, I want to disagree with one thing he said to someone in the audience who asked, “How can we get the medical profession to listen to your suggestions?” He replied in a sad tone while holding the woman's hand, “They haven't listened to me for over 40 years, sweetheart, they aren't going to start now.” I absolutely disagree with him. I think the more Norm talks and teaches people like us and the more we spread the word to others we begin to CHANGE the system because we reach the people who need to know, US, the people. The people will change this healthcare system OR create a new and improved version!!! It is up to us to eat right, exercise and spread the news! We have a right to BE HEALTHY! Thank you Norm for all you do!

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