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Avoid Toxins

I use a variety of traditions, old and new, to eliminate toxins, physical and metaphysical, which enter my life every day. Chemicals in the air I breathe, additives in the food I eat and problems I must deal with on a daily basis, all take their toll on my body.  The "negative stuff" we all face can cause
"dis-ease" of our bodies, our minds and our spirits.​

Mind Toxins

I avoid



outside sources

and when I can't avoid it,

I do not entertain it.

I also do

my VERY best, to avoid

CREATING negative


I try not

to worry about things

I cannot control.

We are not only

what we eat, 

we are what we think. ​​

Soul Toxins


Surround yourself with

good people.

You'll be

a better person.



give yourself the gift of daily


Have an attitude of gratitude

and watch the positive changes

in your life begin.

ANTIBIOTICS - Seattle researchers have found the risk of disease as much as doubles in those who have taken antibiotics over those who don't use the medication. Women also appear to have an increased risk with breast cancer. When I have an earache, I use mullein oil, when I have a tooth removed, I spray colloidal silver in my mouth (never for more than 2 weeks though-you can overdo on the silver).

ASPARTAME - I don't eat or drink anything with artificial sweeteners any more. I had several large fibroids removed in 2000 and I think they had a lot to do with my lack of good health. Artificial sweeteners have been proven to cause weight gain, MS symptoms and when many brain tumors are dissected, large amounts of aspartame have been found in them...if your body is like many human bodies, it can't digest it and just stores it (in fat or in a tumor) and there are over 5000 on our grocery shelves with it.

CAFFEINE - Okay, you know I am not a purist, so I still have an occasional cup of coffee now and then, but not every morning to wake up, the way I used to.

HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP -That's the stuff they came up with as a cheap "sugar" substitute when the government had a glut of corn on their hands. It's hard to avoid because it is in everything from frozen foods to packaged goods to "supposedly healthy" green teas. READ LABELS and try to avoid it! It keeps food from rotting and it is highly addictive. 

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