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While researching the "new idea" of making our diet more alkaline I found it was not a "new" idea at all. One of my favorite healers, Edgar Cayce, taught us we needed to alkalize our body to detoxify it. He suggested herbs, massage, steam baths, colonics and ingesting more greens to detox and alkalize our systems.

In 1933, Dr. William Howard Hay published a book called, "A New Health Era," explaining all disease is caused by acid accumulation. There have been numerous studies throughout the years showing disease cannot live in an alkaline environment.

I researched alkaline water, aka Ionized water, approximately 8 years ago when one of my "healer friends" became a distributor of a company who made the machines. At that time it was obvious the reports and studies were still "all in favor" of Iodizing water-making the molecules smaller for our body to absorb and raising the pH so our body doesn't have to work so hard to keep the pH in our blood at exactly 7.365 (if it varies at all we die-our blood will steal minerals from our organs and our bones to stay alive). The only problem with attempting to promote the machines was the cost of well over 2 thousand dollars was prohibitive. I decided I would continue improving my diet with more alkaline foods and add the juice of lemons to my water to make it more alkaline.



When my chiropractor told me to drink half my body weight in alkaline water every day I began investigating the prices again. I weigh 120 pounds and adding lemon or pH drops to 60 ounces of water sounded like a pain in my neck! I was pleasantly surprised to find a company started by Bob McCauley in Lansing, MI called The Watershed. Their warranty was as good or better than all the other high priced machines and after learning about the quality of their products, the longevity and attitude of their corporation, I purchased an SP350 immediately. I also realized, since it was not a multi-level marketing company like all the other
companies I had checked out, they didn't have to charge thousands of dollars for their product. The retail on mine was only $850 and, I liked it so much I became a distributor for Watershed Wellness.

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