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Raise Your Vibration in DeLand, FL every Tuesday at 2pm: Tuned In Tuesdays

From October through May join us at Lakeside Village MHP and share traditions with other healers.

We are all here to help each other and our informal discussions allow us to share all we have learned .

Lakeside Village Mobile Home Park at 2700 S. Woodland Blvd in DeLand, Fl is 

where we host our Tuned in Tuesdays. We start with the 9 Minute Miracle 

and simply see where spirit guides us. 

We always make sure we meditate,  educate, and enjoy healthy snacks

we all bring to the table to share. We talk about our experiences in life

and the ways we cope with the challenges we all face. We also do at least 

3 series of EFT tappings! Wherever 2 or more are gathered healing happens!

We walk to the garden and share organic greens with all who attend.

Do yourself a favor and join us. You will be glad you did!


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