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I have dealt with addictions. 

I have dealt with co-dependency.

The only thing I can control is my emotions and my actions.

If you would like help with "unpleasant" things in your life,  

Enter my RAFFLE where everyone is a winner!







RECOGNIZE there is "something" in your life you want to change. 

RESPECT yourself and others enough to change it.



ASK for help. If you believe in God, ask God for help. If you believe in your sister, ask your sister for help. If you believe in your Inner Self, ask for help.



FIND out who you are and what you want to change. The "Big Book" from AA calls this an inventory. Write down the "wrong" things you've done.



FORGIVE yourself. Forgive others. Now write down the things you do that are RIGHT!    Remember, we are all doing the very best we can.



LOVE yourself. That's a big one. You are the only human being you will be with all your life. Once you love yourself you can love others.



EMBRACE life. ENJOY life. Live it as fully as you can! Eat right and exercise. An unhappy liver leads to anger at yourself and others.


Depression is anger directed at yourself.  You have to live with yourself. 


You have only one life to live; control your actions, control your emotions.


Being happy is much more fun and productive than being unhappy.


Email me for free suggestions on exercises and make today a GREAT day!

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