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Blessed be!
Exercises for Healthy Thyroid

I have been a Natural Healthcare Advocate for decades helping people help themselves since 1982 through detoxing and balancing their

mind, body and spirit. 

I believe the first step in Healing The Earth is healing ourselves and ​helping others heal themselves... 


Be part of  the healing ripple in this

Sea of Humanity!

All the photos on these pages

were taken by Me, except for this one:)

If you have addiction problems, I can help you. Trust me, I have years of experience!!! I call it a RAFFLE cause everyone wins when you enter and do the following with my help along with your spirit guides;

R-Recognize you want to change and               Respect yourself and others

A-Ask for help

F-Find out who you are

F-Forgive yourself

L-Love yourself

E-Enjoy life.

The following bio is from the cover of my 1st book. The links in the right column will help you order yours or email me for details!

$23 includes shipping and handling of 381 healing pages for

someone you love.

Diane Jackman Skolfield is an author, a healer, a spiritual teacher, a mother, a business woman and a mentor for many. She has been helping people help themselves since her childhood and believes one of the most important lessons of our lives is to, “Live life with gratitude, for even the challenges are gifts. “

Diane began her career in healing in 1982 while teaching Pilates at the YWCA in Bangor, Maine. She's been a member of the Self Realization Fellowship and a minister since 1996. She is certified to teach advanced Hatha Yoga by the American Council of Fitness Education.

In addition to teaching Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Dance Therapy, Color and Sound Healing and Qi (chee) gong, her work as a Medical Intuit has been instrumental in healing many. She draws her vast knowledge from a variety of masters; Grandmaster Fu, Donna Eden, David Feinstein, PhD, C. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD. To name a few. C. Norman Shealy says, “Diane is a jewel spreading joy and health wherever she goes.” Diane believes Energy Medicine is for everyone, encouraging all ages and abilities to understand how their body works. Through her workshops and online publications she teaches how to incorporate simple exercises and nutrition into our daily lives.

Diane teaches summers at a Spiritualist camp in Etna, Maine where she also acts as a volunteer and helping other volunteers doing clean up, building and restoration committees and as Camp Historian. Winter finds her teaching in Florida where she works in her permaculture garden-yard.  She strongly believes, if we all do our best, we can make the world a better place.

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9 Months Ago Was Yesterday

is a story of life pursued with enthusiasm, of death and transition, and of life after life. Diane Jackman Skolfield tells of her recovery after the sudden death of her musician husband, "Fiddlin' Red".

As friends, fans and family mourn the loss of the beloved musical genius, Diane inherits the task of helping everyone else come to terms with his sudden departure. Along the way, through various signs,

she discovers he's not really gone. As butterflies sent by the Spirit World remind him of his presence, she unfolds her own wings on a new vision of life and her place in it. A real-life story of joy and courage with the potential to bring healing to every reader.

OR- order an autographed copy from me by clicking on the yellow button below.

Imagine all the  people living life


Click on this link to go to my RECIPE page to find Healthy meals.

I try to remain Gluten-free, Dairy-free and Sugar-free and have found many delicious things to feed my husband and me! Detoxing isn't as difficult as it sounds and usually makes me feel SO MUCH BETTER!  

My latest book is about the origins of Spiritualism,  the people who made it happen and the importance of Camp Etna, my summer home, in Spiritualist History. It is a workbook/ textbook with lined pages to help you cultivate your Intuition while learning

Spiritualist History.

Order yours now for $27 (includes shipping:)

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