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Join me to help celebrate Camp Etna's 140th season. Opening Day is July 2, 2016 and all events are free.

Information for that day can be found at this link Camp Etna Opening Day Page.

And then stay for the opening week, Friends from Florida, click on that link for more info. 

Below are just a few videos of the lessons I will be teaching; EFT tapping, acupressure points, color healing,

9 Minute Miracle Routine Intuitive Exercises and more. Email me for more info!

Camp Etna's 2016 Friends from Florida Week

July 2-9th The fun begins Saturday at 10am and continues thru July 9th.

Crystal Skulls, Sound Healing, Yoga, Qi gong, Art, Dance, Exercises, Past life and Dream work, and more,

 all designed to awaken the creative-loving spirit within YOU. 

Join us as we open our 140th Spiritualist Camp Season! Come early to help, stay late to relax and absorb, you'll be glad you did:)

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